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For EntrepreneursGet access to market research tools that are usually only available to large corporations

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Draft your idea now We validate your startup idea professionally, for a fraction of the typical costs. Setup only takes minutes.

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Draft your ideaSimply enter your idea. We deal with generating a professional, scientifically validated questionnaire from your product idea.

Your target groupWe ask the potential users of your idea, based on demographics and other criteria. You receive balanced and impartial results.

We interpret the resultsIn a matter of hours, you receive an intelligent dashboard with an assessment of your idea, including actual user comments and feedback

Why IdeaCheck is better


We compare the assessment of your idea to hundreds of other evaluations. You'll therefore receive a judgement of how your idea is rated by your target audience compared to other ideas.

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It's not always easy to identify potential customers and to ask the right questions. We turn this into a seamless process.
You simply draft your idea, we take care of everything else.
We design the questionnaire, find the right respondents and deliver the results within a short period of time.

Draft your idea and start with the validation

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